Special Report

In a nut shell any moving water is pretty much not fishable due to the high flows and we have not reach the peak run off yet. Lakes are the only options.


Lower Owens River Wild Trout Section: 28 June, 2017

The flows are currently at 650 cfs. and will probably go higher. In the 28 years I have been here, this is the highest I have seen. The meadow below the campground is more like a swamp. Due to the water content in the snow pack the river will be running high most of the season. As to what level, only time will tell. Here are some pictures of what it looks like at this flow rate. So far as the fishing goes right now, I wouldn't bother.

If you have never tried Czech nymphing, also know as European style nymphing, the lower Owens is a great place to get to started. It takes some time to get it dialed in, but when you do, your catch rates go up considerably. We also give lessons in this technique. Give me a call at 760-937-2067

Drifting the Lower Owens River: 28 June, 2017

No report


Owens River Gorge: 28 June, 2017

No report

East Walker River: 28 June, 2017

Flow rate is 1130 cfs


Pleasant Valley Reservoir: 28 June, 2017

No report


Hot Creek: 28 June, 2017

Flow rate is 325 cfs and is tough fishing but doable


Upper Owens River: 28 June, 2017

Flow rate is 475 cfs


San Joaquin River (Reds Meadow) 28 June, 2017

Road is still closed and no word as to when it will open.